A-Z of Natural History

From Arthropods to Zoology...

From Porcupine quills to Puffer fish, Kingfishers to Kiwi birds, the ‘A-Z of Natural History’ features over 200 British and foreign insects, mammals, birds, fish, plants and fossils from our Natural History collections.

The gallery explores various wildlife themes, covering bones, camouflage, feathers and more – running all the way from A (Arthropods) to Z (Zoology).

Highlights of the displays include the Arctic Fox (now extinct in the UK), the Golden Eagle (which is still found in small numbers in Scotland), and a porpoise skeleton. Please note, the Arctic Fox is now at Portsmouth Museum and Art Gallery, as part of the D is for Dodo, E is for Extinct exhibition.

Many of the exotic exhibits were collected in the late 19th century when explorers and scientists sent specimens from their travels abroad back to the UK, until international laws prevented this activity. Others were collected within the UK before the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981 made it illegal to do so.

The gallery is designed so that even our youngest visitors can get up close to the exhibits. Open a drawer to discover more and examine our smallest specimens using the video microscope.